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Who am I?

A brief introduction:



Born in the Yvelines (78), I studied art in the southwest of France (La Rochelle (17), obtained a Baccalaureate in Applied Arts in Angoulême (16), BTS (vocational training certificate) in Design in Herbiers (85), degree in Bordeaux (33), a masters in "Color, image, design" in Montauban (82)) and finished off with a 6-month internship in Brussels, where I now live.


Even before creating Teratoiid I always loved customizing my T-shirts. As a music fan, especially of punk rock, and with a DIY mentality, I was obsessed with the question of "Why buy it like everyone else when I can make something personal and unique?" I never gave up on the idea, but I have gone through several phases before getting there.


After my studies specializing in design, one thing became apparent to me: I could not relate to design as portrayed in the media, with its big names, its elitist prices and numbing mentality that goes with it... However, I became involved in another way... I decided to turn to the creative side, which I called "alternative design" in my final dissertation. The idea was to change course and not to organize my work concentrating on economic and industrial logic, but rather on a mode of production in line with what I believe is best for society. My favorite themes then are recycling, recovery design, personalization and the creation of emotion through the uniqueness of the object.


After my studies and various encounters, I had time to reflect and I put some projects on hold and refused others... One meeting was with a commercial company specializing in humorous illustration who asked me to do trendy style drawings, but our points of view were fundamentally different! So I decided to start Teratoiid or "how do I offer unique T-shirts to anyone who wants them but without it becoming part of an elitist fashion?"